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Angel Street

Angel Street Fundraiser

Angel Street celebrates revitalization in North Memphis through the voices of young women which was shown at a major fundraising event. 

Morning Center: St. Jude Partnership

This film is about the amazing partnership between the Memphis Morning Center and St. Jude. It explains how a pregnant mother with a child at St. Jude, can have her child at absolutely no cost.

Morning Center
Art for Jobs

Advance Memphis: Art for Jobs 2020

The intro video for Art for Jobs 2020 at Advance Memphis and what the impact of the event has on the community. 

Bridgette's Story

Thistle and Bee: Bridgette's Story

In this story, we hear Bridgette talk about her experience at Thistle and Bee and how the program has given her a new perspective on life.


Thistle and Bee: Teresa's Smile

This story is about Teresa getting her new smile and how symbolic that is of new changes happening in her life through Thistle and Bee.

Honey Harvest

T&B: Fall 2020 Honey Harvest

In this film we summarize exactly what the Thistle and Bee Honey Harvest is and how you can take part in supporting Thistle and Bee. 

October Fundraiser

Thistle and Bee: October Fundraiser

This video was for the October Fundraiser at Thistle and Bee. It's goal is to encourage donations which allow Thistle and Bee to continue their mission of reaching women survivors. 

Dale's Story

Advance Memphis: Dale's Story

This project focuses on an Advance Memphis employee named Dale. He explains parts of his past and reasons why he got to be at Advance Memphis in the first place. But, he also explains just how big of an impact Advance has had on his life.

T&B EOY 2020 Video

This video gives an overview of the year Thistle and Bee had in 2020, whilst the residents celebrate Christmas.

Thistle and Bee : End of Year 2020 Video

Thistle and Bee : Addison's Story

This film focuses on a resident at Thistle and Bee, Addison. She tells her story and how she got to Thistle and Bee. She also explains just how much Thistle and Bee has meant to her, as well as the other women in the residential program.

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